About PCR Test for Overseas Travel and Negative Test Result Certificate

Inspection in the day *From inspection to issuance of negative certificate, the shortest time on the same day!

PCR test before the overseas travel and issuance or negative certificate *
 - PCR Test for Overseas travel : 9,900 JPY (tax included)
 - Negative Test Result Certificate fee: 5,500 JPY (tax included)
*In case your result is positive, certificate fee is not required. Total: 15,400
*We do not accept credit card payment or electronic payment.
Only cash is accepted.
Please bring the test fee (9,900 yen) and the negative certificate (5,500 yen) in cash on the day of the test.

MDT Japan, conducts a fee-based PCR test for overseas travelers at Asakusabashi headquarters.
It is possible to issue a negative certificate though business tie-up with medical institution.

Eligble applicants
- Those who need PCR test and negative certificate for overseas travel.
- People who can visit to Asakusabashi headquarters.
- People who can take PCR test until period of the certificate.

Reservation for PCR test before Overseas travel >


Available countries(Excerpt) 
Information as of September 1 (according to MDT Japan)
* Partially published

Korea , United Arab Emirates , india , Singapore , Spain
Thailand , Germany , Turkey , Pilipinas , France , Malaysia
HongKong , Finland , New Zealand , nepal , etc…

[ Caution ]
Each country's approach to COVID-19 is different and changes frequently. If you do not meet these requirements, you may be denied entry into the destination. Please be sure to check the entry requirements of each country you will be traveling to before making a reservation.

refer the link below…
Entry Restrictions, Conditions of Entry, and Behavioral Restrictions for Japanese Travelers and Japanese Nationals Traveling from Japan with regard to COVID-19 provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs >
Website provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. >
* Please check directly with the authorities and embassies of other countries.

Steps from reservation to issuance of a negative certificate

- Steps from reservation -

1)[Customer]Check the entry requirements of the destination country, whether a negative certificate is required or not, the format required for the negative certificate, etc.
2)[Customer]Make a reservation > Required information (name/phone number/destination country/departure and entry date and time)
3)[Our company]Adjust the date of the test.
  4)[Customer]Submit necessary documents in advance by the day of the test (we will inform you the required documents at the time of reservation)

- Flow on the day of inspection -

5)[Customer] visit the MDT Japan Asakusabashi head office on the reserved date
6)[Customer/our company]Explanation of the outline/medical consultation /payment of the test fee (9,900 yen)/ PCR Test for Overseas Travel
7)[Our company] Test the specimen > Inform the result to you
8)[Customer]Visit the office again at the designated time.
9)[Customer/our company]Visit the clinic/issue a negative certificate/payment of the issuance of the certificate.
10)[Our company]Deliver the original negative test result certificate to you > End of the process.

About how to reservation the PCR Test for Overseas Travel.

Caution before reservation.
- The method of entry into each country changes frequently. We may not be able to make an appointment if you make a reservation at last-minute.
- We recommend you to make a reservation soon. ( Please make your reservations at least three days in advance. )
- The PCR test must be taken within the negative certificate validity period set in each country.

Required information for reservations
- Name
- Phone number
- E-mail address
- destination for travel
- Departure date and time in Japan
- Date and time entry into the country

- You can make a reservation here >
 Working hours: 24 hours. (* If we're currently unavailable to take your call, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.)
- Phone reservation [ 03-5809-3853 ]
 Telephone reservation hours 9am-6pm (* If the staff is not available, we will call you back.)

- About the required documents before PCR test.
 When you apply, we will inform you to documents to be submitted in advance.

- Address for sending documents ( Please send us the documents to be submitted in advance after apply. )
 mdt-tokou@mdt-tokyo.coPlease bring your
* Passport
* Travel document (boarding pass or other document that shows the date of your departure and arrival)
* Test fee (9,900 yen) + certificate fee (5,500 yen). Payment methods are cash only. We will check identification and reservation information in the test center.

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